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What to expect at the new office

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

So what to expect now:

My location: I am located in the Marineland village medical building closest to the west entrance. 5219 W clearwater ave suite 1 Kennewick WA.

Covid Policy: Changes in covid pre-screening and check in process that you can read about here.

Time/Investment: Each appt will receive more of my time because these are a full 60 min hands on appointments. Expect to be here 10-15 mins longer than what your used to if you're a current patient. Find out more about my pricing and services here.

Insurances: I will still be billing out for the following insurances: Asuris, First choice, Kaiser 'options', United healthcare and personal injury (pip). You can also use your HSA for massage. Some insurances will reimburse you if you send them an invoice that I'll happily email over to you. Most insurances have out of network benefits that cover massage but those deductibles are often high and often not worth meeting unless they're going to used in full but it is an option we can look into. Insurance Billing starts mid January. Most massages also require a referral from a Dr. or chiropractor so ask for yours at your next appt with them.

My commitment/Time/Energy: There's a different commited energy that I am able to give when I can control the environment and I am invested in the ins and out process of working for you. I want each appt to be a custom experience for your personal healing.

Scheduling: Contact Kisha to schedule an appointment. Online booking might become a thing once a consistent routine happens but for now I'll personally book you to make sure we are both on the same page about your health plan and appointments.

Future: I'm excited for this space to be able to incorporate some of the gifts that I share with people. From meditation, breathwork, proper foam rolling, personal myofascial release, self care and yoga or functional movement. You'll find that I'll only be adding to my services and offerings as growth goes on. I have a few things that I am currently working on that I'll be excited to offer to you very soon.

I cant wait to share this new space with you! Thank you for your continuous support in my journey to helping others feel better in their bodies.

Kisha Hanley

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