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Meet Kisha: Welcome


Hi There!Thank you for finding me on here, My name is Kisha and I am a Massage Therapist and a Yoga Teacher located in Richland Washington. I attended Ancient Arts School of Massage and graduated in 2013. I also attended Rasayana school of yoga in 2018 for a 10 month yoga training based in Iyanger. Self Care is an essential part of my life and I really enjoy being able to pass along any kind of help or lending hand in your personal journey of self care. I believe that there are many ways to work with the body, different ways which we can peel back layers and I'm just a few pieces to your puzzle of health. We all come with a different set of symptoms and what we need varies from person to person and I want to help you get down to the root cause of what might be causing restriction, pain or discomfort. I have a curious mindset so I am constantly studying and learning new modalities to help hone my skill, but really so I might be able to help you where you are at, at any given time. I really consider you as the patient and why you're coming for treatment, really working to help create a health care plan to help you with your goals. I love being apart of your growth and healing.

I especially love working with CST and VM clients. There are many things our subtle bodies take on that we might not even have conscious awareness of. Thru these gentle but extremely effective modalities we can really release deep areas of restriction beyond the superficial layers. I love finding releases we otherwise could look over or miss and finding how much relief this brings to the nervous system. CST and VM are subtle but deep modalities. I also specialize in deep tissue massage being able to provide space for what the body or client might be asking in any given day. I consider myself to be a patient and injury focused massage therapist, really working with your specific injuries and concerns. I hope we get a chance to connect soon!

In my free time I am a mom to a beautiful girl who is growing fast! I enjoying camping as many summer days as I can get away with, yoga, getting deep into my studies and enjoying this little life we are blessed with.

Massage is good medicine. I would love to share my gift with you!

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